“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.”
- Albert Einstein
Our Art program aims to open up the imagination and creativity of our students, while giving them fundamentals in Art concepts and techniques and Art History and building strong links between art and other academic subjects.
Each class will complete a variety of projects throughout the year, giving each student the confidence to express individual creativity, build skills, and learn art concepts and art history. Each year's curriculum builds on what was learned in previous years. The projects I select each year represent a creative exercise for me as well as the children. In addition to including some variation on familiar projects that the students have seen done by previous classes, I introduce a few all new projects each year. For example this year we will be doing the familiar papier mache masks in the seventh grade, fish sculptures in grade five and clay and wire figures in grade six; we are also doing some new projects like the day of the dead sculptures in grade eight. More new projects will be created as the year progresses.
Students will learn concepts such as color, line, texture, shape and form. They will also become familiar with different media and techniques such as drawing, painting, collage, 3-d constructions, crayon-resist, self portraits, landscapes, city-scapes; Media include: pastel, markers, crayon, tempera paint, acrylic paint, etc.
Art genres covered include: impressionism, op art, abstract art, cubism, realism. In the upper grades we emphasize ties between Art and other subjects, such as cultural and historical aspects of art. They explore aspects of art history from many cultures. We typically do projects such as cave art, Egyptian theme art, Roman or Byzantine-inspired paper mosaics, coats of arms, medieval-inspired stain-glass window scratch art, Japanese collages, and more.
Each class has one period of Art each week. Because not all students complete projects at the same rate, I am available at many recess and lunch times to provide extra assistance. Occasionally students may need to catch up on some projects at home. Completed art will be displayed in the school and some pieces will be submitted to local art shows.