Technology Program

What Students Learn
At St. Cecilia School, students use technology as a tool to support their learning. Curriculum is based on the ISTE National Educational Technology Standards for Students (NETS-S). Focus areas include 1. creativity and innovation, 2. communication and collaboration, 3. research and information literacy, 4. critical thinking and problem solving, 5. digital citizenship, and 6. technology operations and concepts.
How Students Learn
Students use technology tools in their classrooms and in the lab. Each classroom is equipped with a document camera, projector, and SMART board. Students also utilize iPads and iTouches to personalize their learning. Students visit the computer lab at least once a week in ½ groups to complete interdisciplinary projects that relate to their core curriculum.
A major focus of the technology curriculum is developing habits of mind and action. Students are encouraged to build upon their prior knowledge, to develop independence, and to collaborate and communicate to solve problems and complete tasks. Middle school students are also invited to participate in the Tech Aide program which meets to suppport the technical needs of students and staff.