PTG - Overview

PTG holds monthly meetings on the first Tuesday of the month at 7:00 PM in the Science Lab. All are welcome to attend. 
The Parent Teacher Guild (PTG) is the parent organization to which all St. Cecilia families automatically belong. PTG board members meet monthly to organize school volunteers and to support parent involvement in school functions. The group oversees new parent orientation and provides support throughout the family’s first year at St. Cecilia. The hospitality branch of the PTG extends warm welcomes and food at such school functions as Jump Start Night and the Summer Family Picnic.
The fund-raising branch of PTG raises approximately over $80,000 per year for major school improvements. Each classroom is equipped with air conditioning, new desks, cupboards, updated teacher computer with networking capabilities and computer display systems. The Library and Art Lab have been remodeled. The Computer Lab has new carpet and computers, with DVD movie-making capability.
Other projects funded by PTG to provide more learning experiences for the students include:
  • School-wide assemblies that assist in developing a student who appreciates and understands the fine arts. St. Cecilia students get to experience the performing arts, become active participants in our history’s past through the Walk Through the American Revolution and Walk Through California programs, and see nature close-up with the Orange County Traveling Scientist.
  • Financial support of student Christmas and Spring Productions, which encourages development of the whole child.
  • Sports support – new equipment and uniforms. Students develop life-long habits of a physically healthy person.